What Is Pre Workout?

What is Pre Workout

We all have a determination to build a fit physique and have a good workout plan. The gym is the perfect way to give an adequate shape to the body. When exercising, we strain many body muscles to stretch and loosen up. For those who are professional athletes, the workouts can be extremely tiring and strenuous. This is where pre workout comes in the scene But, what is pre workout?

What do we Mean by Pre Workout

Pre workout nutrition is the meal you eat or drink before working out and is usually consumed between 1 – 3 hours before your workout.

It is very basic knowledge that your body requires energy to exercise to its maximum capability. Pre workout or pre workout nutrients can be in the form of a balanced meal, a snack or a supplement. What matters is the protein content to maintain muscle strength and growth. Carbohydrates are directly linked as being the energy sources in a balanced diet. All these key nutrients should be consumed in necessary amounts which is crucial to keep the body from fatiguing or collapsing.

What is in a Pre Workout?

A pre workout is mainly consumed as:
● Snacks
● A meal
● Supplements
● Any other energy food or drinks


Pre workout snacks can be consumed about 30 minutes before the workout to provide energy and deflect tiredness. Pre workout snacks can include:
1. Eggs (hard-boiled) – strong protein source
2. Bananas- instant carbohydrates source
3. Oats- rich in vitamins
4. Dried fruit
5. Whole grain bread
6. Fruit yogurt
7. Tuna on toast
8. Raisins
Snacks are fast and easy to consume and are thus most preferred for pre workout nutrition.

What is Pre Workout Meal


Meals are considered to be more long-lasting as compared to snacks. Pre workout meals should be consumed 2-3 hours before the exercise process to allow the food to enter the system and energize the body. Some nutritious pre workout meals include:
1. Grilled Chicken, Broccoli, and Sweet Potato
2. Rice and pulses
3. Oats
4. Trail Mix- pre prepared trail mixes contain high nuts content which are great protein sources
5. Peanut Butter sandwiches (Whole grain bread)


Recently, many companies have built up specific and specialized supplements produced to cater to pre workout energy needs. They are usually mixed with a liquid or blended with other ingredients to consume as pre workout shakes or drinks. Supplements are to be taken around 30 minutes before the workout:

1. Creatine: Creatine molecules are generally found in your cells. It helps the proteins present in it to last longer and help keep the body energized.
2. Caffeine: Caffeine is considered to be a natural molecule found in tea and coffee. It is also available in a few other food items and beverages. It is a widely known element to keep the body awake and energized.
3. Beta Alanine: Beta alanine is a type of amino acid that helps to fight against muscle fatigue.
4. Apart from this Citrulline is also important
5. Sodium Bicarbonate: helps to maintain the balance in your body
6. Nitrates
7. BCAAs

Although supplements are one way to help the body fight fatigue for an intense workout, they are not usually required. While some supplements are completely natural and actually help the body, others are not reliable and can be quite harmful if the ingredients in them have a side effect.

Energy Drinks

Several energy drinks and protein shakes are available which help the body retain the nutrients required for a strained workout.

What Does Pre Workout Do?

● Pre workouts help in having focused energy before your workout.
● They are helpful in losing weight and are also used before weight loss exercises.
● It contributes towards building muscle strength.
Overall pre workouts prepare your body for all the routines, planks, push-ups and squats you might have planned for your day. Taking a pre workout isn’t immediately going to make you able to dead lift 500 pounds or help you win marathons. Over time, the benefits will become visible, if taken consistently, including muscle, strength, power and better endurance and performance capabilities.

Timing the Correct Pre Workout Nutrition

In general, it’s not good to eat just before a heavy workout. This is because, when the muscles intend to do their respective things, the stomach will also try to digest the food that you are having. These simultaneous demands are a big challenge for balanced performance. The most important fact is that if the body is made to work out right after having ingested food, problems like nausea and aches can arise.
Thus, it is always best to give your pre carbs some time to settle in and begin their effect in your system before getting to the workout.


Finally, get your determination and gym clothes in your bag and prepare your body to give its all to get a good workout without much energy loss. Pre workouts might be necessary for some while others might not even require them, but nonetheless, they perform their job well to keep your body running through it all.


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