Wonder Core Ab Machine Reviews

Wonder Core Ab Machine Reviews

Wonder Core Ab Machine: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Comes with an exercise DVD and a guide
  • Good for multiple exercises
  • Provides durability

What We Don't Like

  • Quite expensive
  • Doesn't offer any accessories

There would hardly be anyone who doesn’t have the fascination to have a strong core and sexy abs to flaunt. If you think that you can only have those abs by working out in the gym then it’s time to revise the though as there are effective ab workout machines like Wonder Core Smart ab machine that could help you out in reaching the fitness goals.

Wonder Core Smart is proven to be an effective ab workout exercise. It is truly a fitness breakthrough that will support you get the strong core for which you always had been wishing. Even if you want to strengthen your body for the sports or seek a toned body for the summers, this ab machine can give you satisfaction in each case. This machine is designed to concentrate on your upper, middle and lower and also helps to tone your oblique muscles, giving you a body that you had been aspiring.

Here you’ll be finding the in-depth Wonder Core ab machine reviews which will help you to discover the effectiveness and features of Wonder Core ab machine and will also help to know about the way to use it to get the stronger core.

Brief Overview of the Product

The Wonder Core Smart is not just an ab machine but it can be considered as the complete compact equipment of total core, body and cardio system. The equipment allows you to perform six exercises along with cardio that helps in toning of your abs and also tightening the thighs, obliques, calves, triceps, biceps, and forearms.

Who is this Product for?

This ab machine is the perfect workout equipment for different kinds of people. To start with beginners, Wonder Core Smart is an incredible option for the people who are just starting their fitness journey. This machine is also appropriate for the people who have back pains and want to work out to have a tighter core.

Along with this, people who are associated with the sports background and are concerned about fitness should go for this ab machine. Busy people who don’t have time to go to the gym or the ones who wish to have a perfect beach body can also go for this ab machine.

Not just the beginners, but this machine is also a nice option of workout for the veteran bodybuilders. The advanced users can increase the static holds and resistances on the machine to level up the challenge while working out.

What’s Included?

  • The fully assembled Wonder Core Smart ab machine
  • Nutritional guide
  • Exercise poster guide
  • Exercise DVD

Overview of Features

Wonder Core Ab Machine Review

Wonder Core Smart ab machine comes with some amazing features which make it one of the prominent choices of the machine for core strengthening.

  • Versatility

This is the most impressive feature as this ab machine is quite a versatile option and focus on many other body parts too along with abs. The person using this machine can perform six different exercises with this along with cardio workouts.

  • Adjustable Resistance Settings

The machine can be customized with the adjustable resistance setting through which it can work well for both the beginners and the advanced users. The machine provides you with resistance options from 24 to 48 lbs per side which you can adjust as per your requirements.

  • Easy to Store

This ab machine is compact and can be folded which makes it quite portable. You can easily shift its place within the home or you can even carry it on some vacations. This makes the machine easy to store which is a great advantage.

How to Use Wonder Core Ab Machine?

If you want to use the machine for sit-ups, select the resistance setting through the adjustable resistance dials to choose the right settings that suit you. Then sit on the machine with the back on the support and smoothly perform the sit-ups. You are doing it right if you feel the resistance both the times, i.e. while going down or back up.

For the triceps workout, take the same position then bring your hands behind and hold the handles. When you are ready in the position, press them down and it will form your triceps workout. Here also, you should be feeling the resistance. Also if you want to perform press-ups and bridges, you can use the ab machine as the support. The ab machine comes with the full instructions. Consider reading it before starting with working out.


Looking for a similar machine to Wonder Core Smart ab machine, Core Max can be considered one of them. Though both the machines offer the same number of exercises, Core Max does not have the ability to accommodate much resistance. Thus, Core Max can be a great option of ab machine for the beginners who are working on reaching the basic level of fitness but it does not go well with the requirements of the advanced users or bodybuilders.

Final Verdict

Considering many factors like the range of exercises, durability, convenience while using and the resistance settings clearly make Wonder Core Smart a great option of ab machine to look for. Though there are similar machines like this, most of these, fall short in matching the effectiveness of Wonder Core Smart.

The machine provides the ease of performing a number of exercises just with single equipment. This is really an impressive feature which makes this ab machine a great value for money. You can perform a workout for your upper body, lower body and for your core, all together with one ab machine.

But we can’t ignore that there are many other superior ab machines in the market too. If you are already fit or a professional and look for some enhanced workout, this ab machine might not be the right option for you. But for beginners, it is a great fit. It comes with a fitness and exercise DVD guide which will be a help to make anyone understand how to start with the machine.

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